Wauters/B.Pack complementarity

In 2002, Wauters acquired B.Pack in Burgundy, the latest French cardboard creation.

The Burgundy site and the Villebon-sur-Yvette site thus complemented one another.

It was first and foremost an encounter between 2 men, Jean-Michel Beurier, Executive Director of B.Pack and Jacques Wauters, Executive Director of Wauters, who have a common vision of their profession. Sharing the same philosophy and human values, the alliance between the 2 cardboard makers seemed obvious.

Since then, the Wauters group manages its two production units with the same care and the same avant-garde spirit, technicality, as well as a consolidated logistic and financial processing.

The beginning of a wonderful human adventure

When B.Pack were looking for new investors in 2002 they met Wauters, which fit the bill. Rachel Praicheux, CEO of the B.Pack site recalls: “We had met other potential investors, but our encounter with Wauters was decisive. We already admired their work but what struck us most was finding the same friendly spirit and human values. I remember that we went out to lunch after having visited the factory and Jean-Michel and Jacques instantly got along!”

As for Wauters, they met B.Pack following a suggestion by one of their clients.

Eric Wauters, CEO of Ch-Wauters et Fils, specifies: “We have never wished to develop our company through external growth. We met with B.Pack with no ulterior motive. Our choice to acquire B.Pack was clearly motivated by the encounter with Jean-Michel and our shared vision of the profession. At B.Pack we found our family spirit, proximity, French manufacturing. We pay the same attention to detail and have the same high standards for each project.

We also realised that our 2 companies amazingly complemented one another in terms of machinery equipment. On the Villebon site we produce large format and large series. With B.Pack, we have found our alter ego but in a smaller format!”

Wauters and B.Pack also share the desire to invest and innovate. This common goal has led to the development of new solutions such as bio-sourced inks or edge painting.

Furthermore the 2 sites have always had cutting-edge and equally-distributed equipment: after the installation of a new offset press on the Couches site in 2020, a new printing press is also being installed on the Villebon site.

A successful partnership

The complementarity of the equipment on the 2 sites made it possible to meet the different requirements of luxury players.

Thus, the small series and small formats are manufactured in Couches while the large series and large formats are made in Villebon.

Eric Wauters explains: “We can accompany the product throughout its lifespan, from the launch of big quantities to the maturity stage, when quantities decrease. Conversely, we can go from a small series at B.Pack to a large series at Wauters when demand is greater. We share our expertise between the 2 sites, we reuse tools, etc. Clients instantly saw it as an opportunity. ”

Rachel Praicheux adds: “This allows us to respond to a range of requests from brands. We can produce boxes for perfumes, derived products, samples, makeup, skincare, etc.”

Whether the production takes place at Wauters or B.Pack, the group guarantees the same quality criteria and the same end result.

Rachel Praicheux concludes: “Of course, we have in-house guarantors who work on the two sites in order to communicate the technical elements and methodology, and to train the teams in the same way.

We have also invested in similar tools for the 2 sites:

– an Epson proofing printer for colour outputs

a Measure Color which makes it possible to measure spectrocolorimetry (quantity of ink printed on the sheet of paper) and to measure a colour with regard to a target (colour wheel). This allows us to agree with a client on the authorised Delta E, that is our leeway with regard to the targeted colour. These data are very specific and allow us to have a common reference between the client, the Villebon site and the Couches site. 

Looking forward to welcoming you in Burgundy or the Parisian region,

The (masked) Wauters and B.Pack teams.