Martell x Wauters: French expertise at its best


As an icon of French luxury and expertise, Maison Martell needs no introduction. Since its foundation 300 years ago, it has made a name for itself as an authority on cognac. When the oldest French cognac House decided to revisit Martell XO, one of its classic products, it entrusted Wauters with creating bold packaging in keeping with the finest luxury traditions.


A legacy of know-how

Maison Martell, founded in 1715 by Jean Martell, is steeped in history. Its internationally renowned and highly-reputed cognac has been present at major historical and social events, like the signing of the 1918 Armistice, or the wedding of Prince Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly.
The House’s expertise has been passed down from generation to generation for three centuries, in keeping with Jean Martell’s commitment to creating the best cognac, without making any concessions.
Maison Martell pays tribute to its founder’s innovative mindset by constantly reinventing itself with new interpretations of this precious elixir.


Martell XO, a unique box for an exceptional cognac

Martell XO, one of the House’s most prestigious cognacs, is defined by its intense flavour.
The bottle’s unique design – a luxurious, arch-shaped bottle with a an elongated neck – is instantly recognisable. To further enhance this signature bottle, Martell created a box reflecting the highest luxury standards from size down to finishes.
First, the design:
The “book-style” opening allows the bottle to be admired through a cut-out: a complex design that came with its own set of challenges!
The “book” box naturally had to convey a grand first impression, meaning it was unthinkable to let its laminated kraft cardboard be visible. The printing area was therefore increased so that it could be folded back over the parts that were visible from the inside, from the fold to the bottom of the cut-out.
A particularly large and heavy box that the entire production chain had to adapt to.
This complex design gave rise to another challenge: gluing.
It gets harder to laminate 2 thick cardboards on such a large surface.
There are also more gluing steps, requiring the precision of different glue guns depending on the flaps to glue.
Next, the finishes:
The finishing takes place after the lamination of the internal and external cardboard, on a box that is particularly large, heavy, and therefore harder to handle. 
Firstly, the embossing enhances and accentuates Maison Martell’s signature visual identity: the crest with its three gold hammers, the swift, and the logo.
Next, a double varnish finish ends movement and depth by contrasting glossy horizontal lines with a matte background.
Finally, this matte-glossy contrast highlights one last detail: a swift, depicted in gloss varnish at the back of the box and visible through the bottle and its golden amber contents – a colour unique to cognac.
Our warmest thanks to the Martell teams for their trust and loyalty.

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