Innovation at the heart of our investments

Innovation is inseparable from our decisions, from our trade technical input to the general social tendencies of the time. We constantly invest into new equipment and our ecosystem of partners means that we are always at the cutting edge of the technical aspects, enabling us to offer optimal quality and productivity.

Machines with double edge capabilities

Offset stamping
Cutting and trimming
Gilding and embossing
Double bonding (integrated insert)

Ultra sophisticated encoding

Personalisation by the box
Logistic traceability
Digital marketing

edge painting

Perfect results
Less human tedium

Hot marking cylinder application

Finesse and precision
Large faultless flats

Partners in excellence

Our ecosystem of partners with cutting-edge know-how enables us to propose exclusive making up, such as micro-perforation, flocking et cetera.

Innovation at the service of the environment

Unceasing improvement of the equipment offers productivity and quality gains but also results in machines that consume less energy and cuts down on wastage. It also makes for better human organization and makes the work less tedious for our teams.

Our constant research and testing in eco-design enables us to propose improvements right from the reception of the initial brief.
We also use ClimateClac to calculate the carbon footprint of the box.

Innovation in matter and process

Metallization without PET
Cold stamping
Wood-free carton
Bio-sourced inks

Eco-design accompaniment

Proposed tailor-made eco-design improvement and budgeting
Calculation of carbon footprint of the box

Waste processing

Waste recovery
Carton recyclability

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