Production of make-up packaging

Make-up has been driving growth for many years. Offers abound and looks change at a furious pace, vying in creativity to create a buzz. With its multiple references, mini formats, colour ranges and self-merchandising, this fast-moving and extremely visual market demands multi-dimensional design.

Key challenges of Make-up packaging

  • Reconcile multi-references and multi-runs with competitiveness
  • Minimise environmental impact
  • Develop creativity while keeping costs down

Wauters’ solutions


  • The complementarity of our two production lines for a comprehensive offering.
    Our two production sites, addressing two key formats, allow us to manage small or large quantities, for optimal competitiveness.
  • Small and medium series and small formats: our B.Pack production site in Burgundy with its half-format equipment is specifically geared to this market.
    Large series (more than X00,000 units): production is managed at the Wauters plant in Villebon on its large format facilities.

    • Multi-reference orders: use of automatic barcode scans on pasting lines (to avoid mixing up references).
    • Colour quality: offset printing is the most subtle technology. Our colour triptychs and our integrated Intellitrax technology that permanently reads ink strips and takes regular samples to guarantee your colours.


  • Continuous improvement in environmental impact: Wauters and B Pack carry EcoVadis certification.
  • From material sourcing and waste management to logistics, Wauters commits to develop green solutions and even measures your packaging’s carbon footprint thanks to ClimateCalc.
  • Eco-design: Wauters helps you create environmentally-responsible packaging, through innovation in materials and processes, both in-house and in partnership with our suppliers and eco-friendly special finish subcontractors: hot stamping, bio-sourced inks, PET-free plating , no-paste packaging, alternative to film wrapping with ultra-resistant varnish, etc.
  • Use of recycled paperboard and the same possibility of creating a circular economy, for example using your offcuts with one of our partners, a manufacturer of recycled board
  • A green alternative systematically proposed in our quotations


  • Our technically skilled sales team proactively turns your briefs into bespoke technical and design solutions (elimination of pasting for example, alternatives to paperboard), while striving to maximise production synergies and optimise speeds, to keep your cost price down and drive perceived value.
  • Cleverly designed equipment, to minimise reruns and their cost and maximise register quality
  • Ongoing search for innovation with new finishing processes, both internally and externally, to nurture your differentiation

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