Wauters – Latest winner of the PM’ up competition


The two-time winner of the PM’up competition, WAUTERS, joins a small group of companies whose development opportunities are high and recognised by the Ile-de-France Region. This institutional support, which less than 1500 companies have received in almost 10 years, will enable WAUTERS to accelerate its growth over the next 3 years.

A tough selection process


After being selected and audited, the Ile-de-France Region’s jury validated the development project presented by WAUTERS based on the following criteria:

– company viability

– relevance of the strategy

– job creation potential

– international development potential

– project’s contribution to the development of Ile-de-France

– compliance with environmental and societal concerns

Rewarded innovation


For more than a century, Wauters has been innovating with a pioneering mindset and has been implementing its development strategy in the heart of its ecosystem, while addressing the human aspect, the production tool and the environment. 

The project presented by Wauters satisfies a double aim to combine the performance of the industrial tool and Corporate Social Responsibility challenges Innovation is essential to evolve alongside market needs, to remain creative and competitive while ensuring an extremely high quality. The investment supports our transformation, from our equipment to our development, as well as our continued digitalisation.

Today, we are proud to be supported by the Ile-de-France Region and to develop a forward-looking project which helps boost the local economic structure.

Wauters is labelled “Powered By Paris Region”, which is the network of strategic and innovative companies created by the Ile-de-France Region.


Wauters team

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