Perfume packaging production

As it truly reveals a brand’s singularity, perfume packaging must meet sometimes contradictory marketing, environmental and financial criteria. Thanks to our constantly renewed equipment and the ingenuity of our teams, we focus primarily on perceived value, with expertise and creativity.

Key challenges of Perfume packaging :

  • Reconcile perceived value and profitability
  • Deliver added value and reduce environmental impacts
  • Combat the black market and counterfeit products

Wauters’ solutions

Perceived value

  • Premium finishing: thanks to ultra-modern equipment for hot and cold gilding, embossing, varnishing and paintwork
  • Respect for colours in each production: through our in-house colour lab
  • Value analysis: to bring perceived value to the fore, from procurements through to the production process, studied to minimise reruns and maximise speed and quality
  • Production of small or large series: thanks to our two production sites, one for small formats and/or small series, the other for large formats and/or large series.
  • Integrated quality chain, partly automated thanks to our Accucheck technology
  • A systematic cost-saving alternative in our quotations and a back-up approach for anticipated procurements and productions

Added value

  • Eco-design : through innovation in materials and processes, both in-house and in partnership with our suppliers and special finish subcontractors
  • Safe elimination of cellophane wrapping: thanks to ultra-resistant varnish
  • Eco-friendly finishes : cold gilding, bio-sourced inks, PET-free plating
  • Measurement of the carbon footprint per packaging unit via ClimateCalc and a comparative offer with different processes and raw materials to help you make your choice
  • Recycling production waste
  • A green alternative systematically proposed in our quotations


  • Implementation of several complementary techniques for maximum security :
    UV ink, invisible to the naked eye
    Laser marking by removal of matter
    Visual identification, which identifies and inventories the “product fingerprint”
    Chemical marking (standard or bespoke): chemical ink that is only revealed with the appropriate product
  • A highly sophisticated coding machine to track each packaging unit
  • Team training and organisation in security and confidentiality

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