Manufacturer of luxury packaging

Manufacturer of luxury packaging

Dating back to 1909 Wauters has constantly supplied top-end products to Perfurmeries,
Cosmetics and Spirits leaders. Designing the most prestigious printwork, with outstanding craftsmanship, Wauters is the top industrial producer of high value added packaging. The company is an independent pioneering visionary and every year adopts the best of the spot-on technologies. Wauters outstanding skills and expertise are built on a concern for eco-design, sustainable development and productivity.

Our packaging know-how

Spirits boxes

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Perfume boxes

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Care boxes

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Make-up boxes

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Innovation & CSR

Million boxes per year


tons of recycled paper every year


energy consumption less in 2 years

Current affairs

Kate Spade New York: when a subtle technique pops with colour

Collaborating on a launch is always rewarding.
It opens the door to a new world, you reveal a design, you bring it to life with substance and colour.

Cold marking: the great green innovation

Expertise, performance, eco-responsibility: the stakes of luxury packaging are soaring. Wauters puts innovation at the core of the investment process to create ever more beautiful, greener packages.

Cold foil stamping by Wauters

Wauters has been “packaging goldsmiths”…since 1909 and gilding has always been at the heart of the company’s history. Today, this hallmark finds its expression in a new investment and novel technical and innovative know-how, which open up fresh perspectives for packaging.

ALFRED GIRAUD or French-style Whisky, so Wauters!

The history of Maison Wauters has been moulded by its encounters and partnerships.
From time to time, our shared values, taste for refinement, demanding standards discreetly unite us

Wauters/B.Pack complementarity

In 2002, Wauters acquired B.Pack in Burgundy, the latest French cardboard creation.
The Burgundy site and the Villebon-sur-Yvette site thus complemented one anothe

Wauters – Latest winner of the PM’ up competition

Wauters - Latest winner of the PM’ up competition   The two-time winner of the PM’up competition, WAUTERS, joins a small group of companies whose development opportunities are high and recognised by the Ile-de-France Region. This institutional support, which less than...

Environment and CSR: Management Review

Environmental responsibility has always been central to our concerns. We regularly measure our performances to ensure we continuously improve. From power consumption to waste management, together with the results of our audits, we are pleased to share our 2019 report and the environmental improvement actions we have already taken for 2020.

Eco-design, the story of Wauters & Patyka

CSR is steering us all towards new practices, and our customers welcome initiative and differentiation along the way. Bio-renewable inks, PET alternatives, less equipment, more responsible cardboard…

Celebrating 110 years… with micro-perforation!

Wauters has been providing expertise to the biggest names in Perfume, Cosmetics and Spirits since 1909.

Legendary Christmas – diptyque

What would our holiday season news be without diptyque! This year, once again, we would like to tell you about our latest festive work with this fabulous house.

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