CSR : central to innovation at Wauters

Some fresh news for the New Year!

We would like to present our CSR policy, especially as, although it is very important to us, we often don’t find time to discuss it at our meetings. Yet, CSR has always been an integral part of development at Wauters.

Combining technical skill and social trends, innovation governs our decisions. We set very exacting standards for both our productions and our methods, and we do not wait for customer requirements or environmental obligations to make improvements.

Three main focuses structure our CSR policy:
– improved capacity, profitability, quality and on-time delivery;
– less demanding tasks and better human resources organisation;
– maximum respect for the environment, upstream and downstream from our operations.

More precisely, this means:
/ In economic terms, 
securing the economic performance and future of the company, respecting our customers’ interests, conducting business loyally.

/ In social terms,
fostering well-being and quality of work life, developing the skills of all our employees, preferring responsible procurements and integrating these criteria into our supplier selection process.

/ In environmental terms,
managing the environmental impact of our sites and our raw materials, by constantly looking for more environmentally-friendly sources, waste recycling solutions and more energy-efficient equipment or equipment that increasingly contributes to the energy we use in production.

As part of our efforts for the environment, we recently assessed our carbon footprint using the European ClimateCalc tool. We can therefore quantify our CO2 per printed product (raw material, production, transport and product disposal). We now rank among the ClimateCalc-certified companies that calculate their carbon emissions. We can inform you of the carbon footprint of our packaging or the various assumptions studied for your developments, to help you make an informed choice. In general, we find that raw material accounts for 60% of the carbon footprint, transport for 10% and processing for 30%.
We aim to drive a complete and proactive CSR policy.

The Wauters and B.Pack Teams

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