Environment and CSR: Management Review

Environmental responsibility has always been central to our concerns. We regularly measure our performances to ensure we continuously improve.
From power consumption to waste management, together with the results of our audits, we are pleased to share our 2019 report and the environmental improvement actions we have already taken for 2020.

Here’s a preview of some of our progress (careful: spoiler :)) :

1/ Paper recycling: +292 tons of recycled paper compared to 2018
2/ Waste management :
– reduction in “printing” waste compared to 2018 (-6.5% vs. 2018 for waste fluids: ink residue, varnish, glue, etc. and -30% for soiled solid waste: pots, barrels, aerosols, etc.)
– reduction in common industrial waste (-4.5% vs. 2018)
3/ Management of NBVOC emissions (non-methane volatile organic compounds):
– reduction in the alcohol content of damping solutions to 8% (down from 10% in 2018)
– reduction in use of isopropyl alcohol (-62% vs. 2018)
– reduction in consumption of solvent-based cleaning products (-69% vs. 2018)
4/ Renewed FSC certification

And our commitments :

1/ Our renewed participation in ClimateCalc (carbon footprint calculation per packaging unit based on the paper, process and finishes) to inform our customers of their project’s carbon footprint during design
2/ Our participation in the United Nations Global Compact programme, integrating both a human and environmental dimension
3/ Our research and studies for the development of cold stamping

We would also like to present Olivier Petit, our new QSE Manager, who supervised this entire review and is now rolling out the plan of action.
We look forward to discussing your environmental challenges with you and the solutions we can now offer.

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