Perfume packaging and finishing:
Nina Ricci – Luna Blossom

How we love to share our profession!
As Spring draws near, we would like to show off our productions in a bucolic light.
Beneath its minimalistic appearance, the Luna “Blossom” edition of Belles de Nina showcases the entire Wauters palette.
Glossy, subtle, fresh and full, we combine and unite our expertise…
Let us explain, step by step :

Radiant white
Thanks to optical brighteners, Algro Design® by Sappi offers unrivalled whiteness. However, it is a challenging choice, as this delicate 330g monolayer is not ideally suited to embossing.

The key feature of the design is a round, enticing, crisp apple… This subtle shading was meticulously developed during the photoengraving. It accompanies the embossing and enhances the 3D perception.

The foliage delicately displays the 233 gold by Kurz with subtle, almost whitened glints. In the tool, “les Belles de Nina” is stamped as the cartouche.

Ultra glossy varnish
Our flexography process (integrated into our offset line) maximises the load and application of this ultra glossy varnish. In addition to the visual effect, it protects the hot stamping from abrasion.
The contrast of a solid layer of matt varnish enhances its presence.

Graining in a fine woven basket pattern is evenly applied on the five sides of the box, protecting the apple and the “les Belles” cartouche thanks to its reserves. This development was made possible by careful cooperation, a long-standing partnership with our highly skilled toolmaker and the great experience of our graphic studio in preparing documents.

Plump 3D embossing
This is the highlight of this design, ensuring the tempting apple creates a sensation. Round, plump and inspiring, its continuous, harmonious embossing craftily seduces, enhancing the aura of the colours beneath the glossy varnish.

The Wauters and B.Pack Teams

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