Packaging for Chêne noir: in the woody depths of sensoriality

What greater event than the birth of a brand?
Between imagination and design, we catch a glimpse of its evolution. A transition from words to codes, from codes to matter, from matter to volume, the creation of a brand is something rather divine.

Three years ago, B.Pack, the Wauters group’s unit in Burgundy, embarked on the adventure of the birth of La Chênaie.
Freshly shaped by innovation, this new brand of women’s cosmetics grew from age-old roots. It is the continuation of a family’s history, know-how and its rugged, powerful heritage, deeply rooted in the heart of the Bertranges forest, in Burgundy.
Since they moved to Murlin six generations ago, the Charlois family has grown and cared for thousands of oak trees. From logger to cooper, they have always been inspired and guided by the forest.
“Here”, says Sylvain Charlois, “everything starts with oak. It is an endless source of inspiration. It guides all our creations with exacting standards and perfection. And we ensure that its transformation is worthy of its nobility.”

CHÊNE NOIR. Black Oak. Quercus Petraea.
La Chênaie created its first fragrance as a tribute to the majesty of the living matter. This source of inspiration, stamped with authentic, subtle masculinity, guided the refined, complex script of master perfumer Calice Becker.

To showcase this exceptional fragrance, both bottle and box echo the matter, modestly reflecting the precious rough, grained, living wood, refusing all pretention.

“We worked on a contact copy of wood on paper, based on a scan. And we reproduced every detail. Each grain of the wood brings rhythm, fluctuating between constancy and rupture. We calibrated the lines and knots, to recreate a very natural look.
The upper parts are at the surface of the board, the lowers ones are stamped. We had to stamp without colour in the material,” recalls Christian Chabanis, at the B.Pack studio.
The slender, rough embossing is enhanced with a colour effect. A warm, very dense brown called “wood grain”, teams up with a more subdued shade, to form a barely perceptible difference, noticeable only to the hand.
Two varnishes bring the final touch, with an all-over matt, and selective use of an intensely glossy coat, to bring out the texts in their cartouche.
And when the box is opened, the entire Bertranges forest emerges. Applied on the back of the board, it offers a surprising discovery of an attractive, mysterious four-colour print.

“Wauters supported us right from the beginning of the project, with their great professionalism and kindness. We share the same quest for authenticity and accuracy. Our production is 100% Made in France. And B.Pack is based in Burgundy, which is even better!” adds Muriel Brégou, CEO of La Chênaie.

Our destiny is closely linked to that of our customers. We nurture, support, and watch brands develop. In our own way, we grow our own garden.

The Wauters and B.Pack Team

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