FLOCK, the beauty of innovation

At Wauters, we seek to innovate continually, as part of our quest to add value and enhance the aesthetic quality of the finish.
Pleasing to the senses, the eye, the touch, velour is making its way into packaging.
Wauters is innovating with it, to create multiple effects and finishes. Total or partial, in custom colours, it adds refinement on the outer face; inside, it provides surprising soft protection from damage.

FLOCK, for multisensory packaging

Flock absorbs light and creates an unrivalled visual effect. Fibres may be long or short, to calibrate the density. In association with different treatments, it opens up a whole new creative palette for packaging.
When used on the front side, full or partial flocking, screened and transformed, reinvents the printing medium. Crowned with gold, it enhances the contrast between matt and shine.
For spirits in particular, for which the box often integrates wedging, it can be used on the back. The protective, velvety lining embodies the value, both for the primary and secondary packaging which, in this market, is often kept by the user.

What is Flock?

Flock is an application of cellulose fibres (from wood), or cotton or nylon fibres, on tinted glue, applied by flexography or silkscreen printing.
It requires a quality paperboard medium, and pastes with proven mechanical properties to minimise potential deformation and guarantee maximum registering.
There are two main types:
– Full flock, where the fibre is applied to the entire sheet and will bear the finishing.
– Partial flock, applied selectively, to create a veritable 3D decorative effect. From lace patterns to text, or solids in series… imagination is the only limit.


Its density can be adjusted according to the required result and finish.
Flock can be up to 0.5mm thick. And it has a memory, guaranteeing resistance to crushing, during transport for example.

Moiré effect

To conceal any finger marks or emphasize the visual effect of the velour, Flock can be applied in various ways and produce a “suede effect”.

Flock or fabric?

In the same way as paper can be grained or embossed, Flock can be screened.
Dry stamping on Flock crushes the fibre to reveal the required screen. It then looks and feels like a real printed fabric, the velour turning into cotton. Tartan, liberty, wax, and hounds tooth check can all express themselves to the full!

Flock and colours

Flock is available in over 70 standard colours, but a bespoke colour can also be easily developed. Flock may even be transparent and applied solely to add texture and a light, velvety effect to printing.
Flock also works perfectly with offset printing, either by printing short-strand full flock or by applying registered partial flock on printing.

Flock and finishes

Gilding is the perfect decoration for full flock, whether solid or subtle.
Whatever the thickness, it can be applied on an embossed pattern or level with the board after dry stamping, to create impressively detailed decorations.
Flock can also be decorated by embossing, using dry stamping, to create a discrete pattern.

Flock offers a whole spectrum of possibilities! Technology and know-how team up to distinctively illustrate the brand. And we can provide all the assistance you need.



– Both inside and out
– Total or partial
– Moiré, smooth or with effects
– Short or long strands, for varying thicknesses
– Bespoke or standard colours (over 70)
– Flock can even be transparent


– Possible under Flock, with extremely careful registering
– Possible on short-strand flock
– To enhance the sensory experience, with a trompe-l’œil effect


– Subtle or solid beneath or over the Flock
– Raised
– Or level after dry stamping

The Wauters and B.Pack Team

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