Polaar x B.Pack: innovating with care


Pure, natural and a precursor to Clean Beauty, Polaar is a cosmetics brand unlike any other: boasting a rich family history, innovative products made with unique active ingredients and an ethical approach. Daniel Kurbiel, the brand’s founder, shows us around even the most remote regions of the polar world.


A family saga 

Led by his parents who were explorers themselves, Daniel began his journey through the Arctic at a very young age on board the smallest icebreaker in the world, Le Vagabond 2. With a passion for nature, adventure and challenges, this family of travellers constantly pushed the limits in the discovery of uncharted territories.

In the 1990s, scientists joined their expeditions, studying the climate and biology.

This was how Daniel met Maria Olech, biologist and polar flora researcher, which sparked a light bulb moment: capable of surviving extreme conditions, Arctic plants contain a wealth of extraordinary properties.This is how Polaar, the first Clean Beauty brand, was officially founded in 2004.


A brand that makes sense

Up to 100% natural, Polaar skincare is free of alcohol, parabens, phenoxyethanol and mineral oils. The products are made of active ingredients from little-known Arctic plants, findings of Maria Olech’s research.

Each expedition reveals new discoveries, leading to new products. Because, contrary to preconceived ideas, polar flora contains rich and diverse properties. Around 1,700 plant species grow in the Nordic regions, possessing antioxidant, hydrating and regenerative powers.

Polaar is more than a natural skincare brand that is kind to the skin. The brand works according to its own code of ethics: “reveal the treasures of the Arctic in order to best protect it”. While Polaar products are made in France, the brand has established a responsible supply chain regarding cultivation and harvesting to protect the natural environment, making it a sustainable source.


Precision in packaging

The first packaging designs directly echoed the expeditions: a distinctive box rounded at the top like a ship’s sail. The brand struggled to find quality-oriented partners to produce these boxes, as printers of the time made too many errors… So a new kind of expedition was launched.

The initial meeting with B.Pack, around 12 years ago, was pivotal, and ticked all the boxes for a long-term partnership.

– Quality comes first: both the quality of the packing and the relationship.

– Quantity comes next: the B.Pack production tool allows small batches to be made. This was a major concern for Polaar, who produce small quantities to ensure the freshness of their products.

– Finally, innovative adaptations: the sail-shaped box has been replaced by a box with a fluted sleeve. This is untreated, natural packaging that is often thrown away by in-store sales advisors who mistake it for excess protective packaging. The B.Pack teams suggested revisiting this excess packaging, embossing it directly onto the box: vertical lines in relief subsequently became the main feature of Polaar boxes.


Polaar is on an extraordinary journey, an uncompromising mission that invites us on a technical adventure. We thank Daniel Kurbiel for sharing his story and placing his trust in us for so many years.


Wauters and B.Pack teams

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