Ecodesign, leading by example


Conscious of our industry’s impact on the environment, environmental responsibility has always been at the heart of everything we do.

Whether by earning certifications and labels, investing in more energy efficient machines or reprocessing waste and recycling supplies, we are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint to improve our environmental performance.

Brands are also responding to these ecological challenges by adopting new practices. Now, all briefs focused around ecodesign: reducing environmental impact while also meeting the aesthetic demands of the luxury industry.

At Wauters, ecodesign is a proactive approach that guides our investments and research into innovative sustainable processes.

  • Since 2013, we have been using ClimateCalc, a tool that allows us to calculate the carbon footprint of the boxes, depending on the choice of materials, finishes, transport methods etc.
  • In 2018, we announced an exclusive partnership with Sun Chemical, known for their biosourced inks.
  • Since 2021, we have been equipped with a cold stamping unit coupled with a state-of-the-art offset press.


Our constant research and testing in ecodesign enable us to offer budgeted improvements that are bespoke to the client as soon as we receive their brief:
Biosourced inks, PET alternatives, reductions in equipment, increasingly sustainable choices of cardboard… Just a short summary of our areas of improvement allowing us to produce better, greener packaging.


Kenzo Homme Eau de Toilette Intense

Launched in 1991, the iconic bamboo bottle of this Eau de Toilette was redesigned by the brand in 2021, with the desire to reduce the use of materials in the primary packaging. In line with this sustainable approach, the box has also been reimagined.

  • Cardboard: Algro Design FSC certified cardboard (SAPPI)
  • Printing: biosourced inks
  • Finishes: biosourced varnish and embossing 


La Chênaie Chêne Blanc

Reflecting this family business’s environmental commitment was a must, as the Burgundy-based brand promotes natural formulas and a respect for the forest.

  • Cardboard: FSC certified (Astropack)
  • Printing: biosourced inks
  • Finish: biosourced protective varnish and embossed using the existing equipment used for Chêne Noir, the fragrance’s masculine counterpart


N°1 de Chanel

For this new environmentally-friendly beauty line, Chanel has chosen to use eco-designed packaging.

  • Cardboard: FSC certified (Invercote)
  • Cellophane packaging removed
  • Paper inserts removed: a QR code is printed on the box to display the product information online
  • Interior packaging removed, as the box adapts to primary packaging


Mugler Alien Goddess

Like with the Alien range of Eaux de Parfum, the packaging of this new fragrance has been designed with the aim of reducing the consumption of primary materials. The brand has thus chosen to use a box that is tailored to the size of the bottle for a snug fit.

  • Cardboard: FSC certified (WKloud)
  • The ‘figure-hugging’ box ensures less cardboard and hot marking film are used.



The go-to for certified organic skincare, Patyka has been using environmentally friendly packaging since 2008, without compromising on the perceived value of the box. Demonstrating this commitment is the Origami Pack, which opens up like a jewellery box.

  • Carboard: FSC certified (Ensocoat)
  • Printing: biosourced inks
  • Paper inserts removed: product information is printed on the back of the box
  • Glue-free: the Origami Pack design doesn’t require the use of glue


Our equipment and expertise allow us to combine performance, sustainability and design, enabling the team to rise to the challenges of the packaging of the future. We are available to assist with your team’s ecodesign needs, and to help you find new, greener alternatives for your packaging projects.


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