Production of packaging for wine and spirits

The spirits market is undergoing tremendous change and becoming increasingly creative. From the traditional, premium hard case, brands are turning towards increasingly elaborate packaging, more competitive in terms of price. They now regularly create an attractive and inspiring universe, to stand out at wineries and in travel and mass retail outlets. As a packaging expert and technical specialist, we strive to find the best solutions and synergies during design for maximum perceived value.

Key challenges of Wine and Spirits packaging

  • Reconcile packaging automation and creativity
  • Deliver added value and reduce environmental impacts
  • Be both creative and competitive

Wauters’ solutions


  • Thorough knowledge of automated packaging processes and their integration into our designs
  • Anticipating the specific constraints of the Wine and Spirits markets during design: auto or quick-lock bottoms, lamination resistance in microflute, carton compact and kraft, resistance of score lines for lasting perceived quality
  • Premium finishing: thanks to ultra-modern equipment for hot and cold gilding, embossing, varnishing and paintwork
  • Constant search for innovation, new materials and new finishes, even through outsourcing, such as flocking and micro-perforation for example.

Added value

  • Eco-design : through innovation in materials and processes, both in-house and in partnership with our suppliers and special finish subcontractors
  • Use of recycled paperboard
  • Eco-friendly finishes : cold gilding, bio-sourced inks, PET-free plating (metallic cellulose acetate)
  • A partnership with a paperboard box maker to develop a circular economy.
  • Carbon footprint measurement, comparing different packaging configurations via ClimateCalc
  • A green alternative systematically proposed in our quotations

Designed quality
Perceived quality

  • Value analysis: from procurements through to the production process, we optimise our offers to be as competitive as possible and focus on perceived value
  • Cleverly designed equipment, to minimise reruns and their cost and maximise register quality
  • Consulting with the sales and marketing team, who are above all technical experts. They work on the brief and solutions to develop the creative idea, and optimise tool costs through synergies between productions and references, to devote the budget to differentiation and customization

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