Celebrating 110 years… with micro-perforation!


Wauters has been providing expertise to the biggest names in Perfume, Cosmetics and Spirits since 1909.
Today, talented people, technical virtuosity, eco-design, performance and our unremitting search for innovation underpin the art and science of Wauters’ expertise.
To celebrate our 110 years, the house invites micro-perforation to embellish its packaging with an exceptional partner, Delta Composants.


Nothing is eternal in our profession. The industry evolves, and brand creativity, new financial and logistics factors, regulations and environmental awareness constantly change the game.
The Wauters house continues on its way. In our family business, with a human dimension, our teams are always highly attentive to brands, respectful of the customer and passionate for detail, to cultivate the project and take it to the highest level. We make no concessions; work, innovation and ingenuity are our watchwords. The people at Wauters are trained and nurtured. And this mindset extends to the close relationship we develop with our customers.
At Wauters, we also fuel our passion for technology. We stay abreast of the latest technical developments, to maintain the aesthetic pace, meet sometimes futuristic challenges or find an alternative to major trends. We constantly seek to complete our range of tools, with a view to enhancing materials, improving quality, and protecting brands. Our only criterion: added value.

A little background

– 1909: Charles Wauters set up a leather gilding workshop in the Marais district in Paris
– 1968: The house specialised in luxury cardboard packaging and established an industrial facility in Villebon-sur-Yvette
– 2002: Wauters took over B-Pack in Burgundy, our alter-ego for small and medium series
– Today:
         • 150 employees
         • 13,000 m2 on 2 sites, in Paris and Burgundy
         • 120 million packaging units a year


Ever keen to broaden the realm of creativity and technical possibilities, Wauters welcomes expert partnerships to rethink the finish of packaging.
As with Flock and the contribution of Flock1 last year, this year Wauters is again embarking on a new process with micro-perforation, thanks to Delta Composants, which adds the final touch.

The creative idea

Like a great vintage, Wauters’ expertise is a fine, time-tested blend of human talent and high technology. To embody it, the house designed a festive packaging to inspire customers in the Wine and Spirits or Perfume sectors.

The finished product “110 YEARS – GOLDEN AGE EDITION”

Two gold boxes, one for champagne, the other for perfume, chiselled in a silver film, sparingly covered with gold print and a white decoration in dotted lines.
They are completed with two pure white sleeves, with a fine openwork structure outlining the bottle. The application of gilding or semi-matt varnish adds texture and brings a sparkle of luxury to the design.

/ The distribution of roles
For Wauters: volume design, film coating, printing, gilding, project initiation and follow-up
For Delta Composants: micro-perforation and boring

The Wauters and B-Pack Team

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A step forward for the environment: CTP goes green.

A step forward for the environment: CTP goes green.

Aware of the impact of our industry on the environment, we have been working to reduce our carbon footprint for many years now.
The EcoVadis Rating having awarded our Paris site Platinum level and our Burgundy site Gold level, we are constantly improving each stage of our production process.

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Facing the future as one

Facing the future as one

Following the death of Jacques Wauters, customers, suppliers and employees are wondering what the future will bring. There have been several rumours, but now is the time for clarity.
The “new” directors have made a clear statement: “The company is not for sale”.

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