Westman Atelier x Wauters


Sobriety. Refined materials. A new perfectly mastered makeup range…

Created by the best-known “celebrity’s make-up artist” in NY:  Gucci Westman. Her tutorials, her lifestyle and celebrity friends all make you long for the American way of life. An exceptional woman with a brilliant career.
She has contributed to iconic front covers of American Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, etc. She’s well-acquainted with legendary photographers (Annie Lebeibovitz, Peter Lindbergh, etc.), as well as the most sophisticated (yet natural!) styles by Nina Ricci, Proenza Schouler, Carolina Herrera, Bill Blass or Vera Wang. In 2003 she became the International Artistic Director of the Lancôme team, then joined Revlon in 2008. She’s part of the BoF* 500.

In 2017 she launched her own cosmetics range named “Westman Atelier” and met Wauters!

Once upon a time there was a “Jet Set” night

It all began with one of those unforgettable receptions at the Luxe Pack Monaco. Our US agent Aviva Himoff introduced us to Angela Piner, in charge of development at Westman Atelier. It was a very simple idea: she was looking for a flawless result, the quality of a brand that we cannot disclose, although it’s our first client “shhhh!”, the icon of French luxury.

Westman Atelier, an identity to be forged

An emerging brand calls for the commitment of the entire Wauters team.

We very often provide our clients with professional expertise and we guide them in packaging design. Choice of materials, technicality, volume, opening, markings… It’s a continual interaction, allowing us to stylise down to the last detail, including the varnish finish. Brands hide behind details…

Make-up artist or an obsession with colour

As you can imagine, the next step is an absolutely refined handling of colour. The meticulous makeup artist selects extremely subtle, light shades, which are difficult to obtain and preserve. Angela carries out countless tests and even regularly crosses the Atlantic to approve the shades and sign the Press Proofs.

Astonishing growth

In 2018 the first order featured 5000 copies… Today we are witnessing exponential growth! Ranges are enriched: rosy, red.  “Product” creations are abundant: Foundations, Blushes, Contourings, Highlights, Bronzers, Mascaras, Lip Suedes, Eye pods (night and day eyeshadow), Lip Brushes…

We adjust to the demands and roll our sleeves up to continue to ensure excellence whatever the rhythm or format required because we are now working on a “case, tray and packing box” set format. We also offer “ready for use” solutions, a flexible approach that is essential for developing brands.

Despite our great age of 111, we are young at heart! Our know-how and experience allow us to deliver excellence to new small brands that are looking for a very high-end result and have the satisfaction of seeing them flourish!

Our warmest thanks to Aviva, Angela and Gucci for choosing us. We wish them all the success that they deserve.


Wauters and B.Pack teams


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 *Business of Fashion 500: the 500 people shaping the $2.4 trillion fashion industry, Wowwww

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