Plantation Rum/The Immersive Packaging Experience


The spirits cases are gradually replacing the sets in their gift function and promotion role. Plantation Rum’s special approach expresses wonderfully the desire to surprise through customisation, while also adopting a partnership-based strategy so that every euro spent on development can contribute to added value for the end customer.
You are invited to discover a marvellously creative person, Pierre Casteuble, Artistic Director at Maison Ferrand.

The Case, The First Journey

“3 years ago we used to make a generic case with a custom label for each vintage. This is no longer possible today. The consumer needs to live a unique experience. When customers go to a wine shop they’re flooded with references, so we have to focus on an “eye-catching” effect. To stand out you need to be catchy, for instance through bright colours. They have to be immediately transported, taken on a visual journey, live an experience, before the actual tasting starts.
Every year, each of our Plantation Vintages speaks of its terroir’s unique universe, and thus the entire Plantation world is revealed in unison. This year, tropical birds adorn our Vintage collection: hummingbirds for Jamaica, lories for the Fiji Islands, pelicans for Barbados.
Aside from decoration, every detail counts: for instance, the sensory appeal of materials. I preferred to work on the uncoated reverse side of Korsnäs, while it is traditionally done on its coated front side. With more texture and hold, the cardboard grain conveys warmth and conviviality. 
In the end, it’s an interwoven experience, a build-up in intensity, first the sight, then the touch, the opening of the case, and finally the apotheosis which is rum tasting. ”

Technical Expertise X Artistic Direction: A Strong Creative Partnership

We constantly interact with Wauters. We are part of the team, they are part of the team!
From the very beginning, we look for synergy in our creations, so as to limit investment and group finishing tools together (gilding, embossing, debossing), without compromising the customisation of each Vintage. Every case should look unique, we really focus on an immersive experience. It’s our duty to be clever and ingenious in the process so as to combine technical expertise and creativity. I believe that conceived quality is revealed in perceived quality.
Every member of the team is part of this synergistic creation, the commercial team of course, but also the colourist, the machine work. Everyone is very dedicated and involved throughout the entire chain.
They do all they can to make the most of our choices. For example, having never worked on the reverse side of Korsnäs, they studied and adapted to ensure resistance of gilding, relief imprint, intensity of four-colour printing, always more delicate on this cardboard which absorbs and tones down shades. We have managed to achieve outstanding quality on this support! ”


The Ecological Stakes

“The issue of cases has been raised on many markets because they are often thrown away. We worked on the assumption that our creations should induce the consumers to think and make them feel like keeping them. We have now noticed that most of our costumers keep their case. It’s an integral part of the product, not an extra, it protects the bottle, it’s beautiful, you go back to look at it, in a way: you savour it!
Our ecological strategy has also focused on the choice of FSC and PEFC paper, the limited use of tools, so on synergistic work, synergistic prod runs, common tools, common cardboard. In these matters, of course, decisions are taken jointly with Wauters. ”


The End Of The Story?


“It’s a bit like what was said at the beginning, we consider our packagings to be a form of art, it conveys our DNA, our signature: providing our clients with a unique graphic and sensory experience. It’s exciting to be able to chisel our creations every day, with a partner who understands us and constantly helps us to go even further. ”  Our warmest thanks go to Pierre for playing along and never failing to be an exceptional partner ;-)) The Wauters and B.Pack teams


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