In 1909, Charles Wauters set up a small leather gilding worship in Paris, in the heart of the Marais quarter.

An expert in the application of gold leaf, he worked wonders in binding, labels, then cases, for perfume, cosmetics, champagne and spirits companies. He developed techniques and technologies, fine tuning the equipment at the heart of the current gilding trade.

/ Printing: the work of an expert

In the 1970s, Jacques Wauters moved the company to the graphic art zone of Villebon sur Yvette, then expanded rapidly to include all printing and finishing trades.

Passionate about complexity and added value, he chose to dedicate the family expertise to cases, more complex and inspiring than labels. A devotee of independence, Wauters owned its own equipment and added to its expertise, approaching printing with the same care and taste for challenge in terms of aesthetics.

/ Ennoblement: an unrivalled technical skill

Since then, Wauters has gradually moved into all areas of finishing, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, modernising, industrialising, and anticipating trends. Lamination, embossing, graining, marking, touching, 3D varnishing, etc. we have all the materials and equipment. Wauters adjusts, organises and refines its technical skills on a regular basis.

Creative and industrial interpretation

The eye of an expert and experienced interpretation of the creative brief, Wauters is the king of cardboard packaging. Renowned for rising to the greatest challenges in terms of feasibility, with complete finesse, on very large scales. Extensive equipment to design the most specialised solutions and implement them with complete independence.

Excellence and precision at every stage.

Wauters, fabricant de packaging de luxe