/ Visionary innovation 

Innovation has permeated Wauters’ decisions, from the trade’s technical skill to large company trends, since the start. A resolutely modern and avant-garde way of working from a 100-year-old company.

Wauters has never awaited its customers’ demands or environmental regulations to make improvements.

Produce better, with a conscience and common sense, to benefit from the most recent technologies, to innovate, to satisfy its customers and for greater industrial efficiency:

- better capacity, profitability, quality and timely delivery; 

- less arduousness and better human organisation;

- respecting the environment wherever possible, upstream and downstream of its work.

/ Pioneering investment

In 1997 Wauters was the first to update its equipment to CTP. Since 1998 and to date, Wauters is the only company to own its own cylinder hot stamping machine (great finesse and solid colour for a perfect result). In 2001, Wauters was the first to update its equipment to double side offset, etc.

At Wauters, most of the finishing machines combine two areas of expertise, (in-line embossing and gilding, cutting and disserting, etc.) to provide optimal quality and efficiency.

The latest company acquisition? An ultra-sophisticated coding machine for customising cases, which, in addition to offering logistics traceability and fighting the black market, opens up new possibilities for CRM and digital marketing.

/ Human and environmental responsibility

Competence, fluidity, transport, equipment, choice of raw materials, measuring tools, sorting, recycling and energy saving, etc., nothing has been left to chance. In 2016, Wauters will provide customers with a carbon footprint for their cases. A first in the packaging industry!

Ahead of the game, Wauters has been FSC / PEFC and IMPRIM’VERT certified since 2009.

Wauters, fabricant de packaging de luxe